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Listen to podcasts and discover new favorites with Pocket Casts. Choose from over 200,000 podcasts, see what’s trending, or add your own show. Sync your subscriptions, playback and filters between Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices, and backup your data to the cloud. Your commute never sounded this good.

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Pocket Weather Australia is a beautiful weather app that showcases live weather data from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology. Pinpoint a weather forecast to your exact location, plan the week ahead and view rain radar maps, all via a stunning user interface packed with comprehensive information.

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This is Shifty Jelly

Shifty only employs the best, and when the best can't be found, he employs people based on the colour of their shoe laces. These are some of those people, we'll let you figure out which of those camps they fall into.

Russell Ivanovic

If you were to ask Russell what he does at Shifty Jelly, he'd probably say something like "I work on our apps, I'm kinda ok at it". We couldn't be bothered to ask him though, so let's just say he's a mobile developer who appears on way too many podcasts.


Philip Simpson

Philip is the most amazing Android Developer ever to grace this fine planet. He'd never tell you that himself, he'd say something like "yeah I'm not that good" but he's not the one deploying this web site, is he? He's also pretty fly at keeping our servers on the line.


Chris Martin

Chris is our designer. He attempts to bridge the gap between normal people and engineers, often entering a deep trance while gazing at pixels for hours on end. The colour of his shoelaces was so amazing he was hired on the spot.


Simon Jacobs

Simon forgot to supply a bio, so we decided to make one up. Simon swings servers swiftly and softly into something surreal. Yeah ok it needs work, just like our servers. Welcome Simon! Next time you know to get your bio in on time!


Priya Sharma

Dealing with customers is hard, after all let's be honest, you lot can be difficult. Luckily Priya is up to the task! Armed with politeness and patience she very rarely gets angry. Watch out if she does though, it's the last thing you'll see.