This is Shifty Jelly.

Shifty only employs the best, and when the best can't be found, he employs people based on the colour of their shoe laces. These are some of those people, we'll let you figure out which of those camps they fall into.


Russell Ivanovic

Russell has been developing software for over 13 years and works mainly on our iOS apps. He is opinionated, and likes to share said opinion at conferences and speaking events. A lot of people want to punch him, which is why he often sports a fake beard.


Philip Simpson

Philip is our server and Android developer. He architects the hidden side of all of our iOS and Android applications that require a server. You can also find him surrounded by a tower of Android phones and very occasionally an iOS device.


Monica Polewski

Monica handles support and administration at Shifty Jelly. In contrast to the rest of the team, she's organised, punctual and loves correcting people. She's also holding a knife, and probably knows where you live, so maybe be nice to her.


Chris Martin

Chris is our designer. He attempts to bridge the gap between normal people and engineers, often entering a deep trance while gazing at pixels for hours on end. The colour of his shoelaces were so amazing he was hired on the spot.