Pocket Weather Australia

For iPhone, iPad & Android

Pocket Weather Australia is a beautiful weather app that showcases live weather data from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology. You can pinpoint a weather forecast to your exact location, plan the week ahead, and view rain radar maps. All via a stunning user interface packed with comprehensive information.

Precise Australian data

Pocket Weather Australia utilises the only source of accurate weather data in Australia: the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

The BOM issues precise forecasts that cover every town and suburb in Australia. They also have detailed hourly weather information for a full 7 days ahead. How windy will it be at 2pm on Sunday? Will there be rain on your wedding day, and what time is it predicted to fall? Planning events has never been more accurate, or simple.

Pocket Weather Australia is the only app on the store that offers this full spectrum of accurate, precise weather data. We don't do guess-work.

Beautifully designed

Pocket Weather Australia looks amazing. We've implemented a different appearance for each weather condition and time of day. At night, you see stars; on rainy days you see raindrops.

Weather information is grouped into summary cards, where you can see all the most important weather data at a glance. Advanced weather buffs can open a full screen view and dive into the treasure trove of detailed information available.

Getting started is literally as simple as flicking a switch. Pocket Weather will take note of where in Australia it is and update all data based on that location.


Pocket Weather Australia has a great looking radar with a broad set of available selections. We made sure to include every radar available from the BOM. This includes:

  • Rain Radar (512km, 256km 128km 64km radius)
  • Doppler Wind
  • National Satellite Images
  • National Synoptic Chart
  • National Rain Radar

Warning alerts pushed to your device

Select which warning types you're interested in and have them sent to your device when they are issued. This feature can and has saved lives and is utilised by a growing number of State Emergency Services personnel everyday. In testing, we've heard reports of our notifications being faster than alternative paid SMS services.

Plenty more

Tide times for locations all around Australia to plan your fishing, boating and diving. Tablet support. Live UV information for all capital cities. Detailed rain and wind predictions 7 days into the future. Everything you need in an Australia weather app, Pocket Weather Australia has.